Dr. Tevel is here to help, but beware of improper lifting.

Many back injuries come about as a result of the improper lifting or carrying of heavy objects. The basic position considered to be the best for lifting consists of bending one's knees while maintaining a straight back. This position allows one to transfer the bulk of the weight being lifted to the strong muscles of the leg. These leg muscles are vertical, and can contract powerfully to assist in elevating a load. In contrast, when one actually "puts his back" into his work, he tends to over-tax the lateral muscles of the back which are not efficient for the lifting of weight in a vertical fashion. Consequently, the back muscles begin to cramp violently, and then are simply unable to relax themselves.

Save your back by thinking before you lift something heavy.
 Dr. Tevel is particularly skilled in treating muscle spasms of this kind which are scary and very uncomfortable. Chiropractic manipulation has been proven to provide the swiftest means for corrections of back sprains.

If you are in the Thousand Oaks area and find yourself with a painful muscle spasm give Dr. Tevel a call at 805-496-4532. Don't suffer needlessly, and don't risk serious complications by failing to get the prompt assistance required to properly treat your back injury.