Dr. Tevel is here to help, but beware of improper lifting.

Many back injuries come about as a result of the improper lifting or carrying of heavy objects. The basic position considered to be the best for lifting consists of bending one's knees while maintaining a straight back. This position allows one to transfer the bulk of the weight being lifted to the strong muscles of the leg. These leg muscles are vertical, and can contract powerfully to assist in elevating a load. In contrast, when one actually "puts his back" into his work, he tends to over-tax the lateral muscles of the back which are not efficient for the lifting of weight in a vertical fashion. Consequently, the back muscles begin to cramp violently, and then are simply unable to relax themselves.

Save your back by thinking before you lift something heavy.
 Dr. Tevel is particularly skilled in treating muscle spasms of this kind which are scary and very uncomfortable. Chiropractic manipulation has been proven to provide the swiftest means for corrections of back sprains.

If you are in the Thousand Oaks area and find yourself with a painful muscle spasm give Dr. Tevel a call at 805-496-4532. Don't suffer needlessly, and don't risk serious complications by failing to get the prompt assistance required to properly treat your back injury.

Dr. Tevel Can Help You with Lower Back, Hip, and Leg Problems

Lower back, hip and leg problems most frequently occur as a result of faulty alignment of one or more spinal segments in the lower back area. It is through these vertebrae that the nerves, arteries, veins and lymphatics which control our lower extremities exit.

When one of these vertebrae slips out of its normal position with the other, it can partially occlude a nerve opening between adjacent vertebrae. This serves to pinch or irritate a spinal nerve thereby causing pain, swelling, and loss of function of the lower back, pelvis, thighs, legs or feet.

Improper spinal alignment in this lower back area can be the result of a single incident or accident, or it may be the result of years of undue strain imposed by ligaments and muscles compensating for poor posture, weight problems, leg length inequalities or other structural problems.

Dr. Tevel is a specialist in structural problems who has helped thousands of patients over thirty years in his Thousand Oaks practice.

In cases of structural defects Chiropractic techniques often provide the surest and safest chance of relief and correction of the problem. For more information or to make an appointment call today 805-496-4532.

Dr. Tevel can help you with Slipped Disc Syndrome

Of all the conditions which involve the spine, the so called "slipped disc" is probably the most misunderstood.

In the typical disc syndrome it is the vertebrae rather than the disc which has actually slipped or become misaligned. When this happens a spinal nerve opening between two adjacent vertebrae can be stopped up, causing acute pain with numbness, tingling or even loss of function to those parts of the body serviced by the affected nerve.

Proper care with Dr. Tevel can usually correct a slipped disc condition through manipulative therapy alone. The seriousness of the complaint should not be minimized, however, and once a correction has been made, great care must be taken to prevent its recurrence. Regular spinal exercise prescribed by Dr. Tevel and occasional spinal checkups will generally eliminate the possibility of surgery altogether.

If you are in the Thousand Oaks CA area and back pains plague your life, make an appointment with Dr. Tevel (805-496-4532) for a complete and expert analysis of the extent of your spinal disorder. Only a skilled Chiropractor like Dr. Tevel  (30 years experience!) is equipped to determine the possibilities for Chiropractic to help your problem. If your problem is a slipped disc you will be availing yourself of the safest most effective means of treatment possible.

Why Spinal Decompression Doesn't Work by Dr. Tevel, Thousand Oaks CA

Recently I encountered two herniated disk patients for which spinal decompression therapy failed to produce any lasting benefit: relief of pain and ability to resume regular activities. One was my own patient, Mrs. X, the other Mr. B is a gym acquaintance who knows I'm a chiropractor and bends my ear with his tales of back pain woe while I'm working out on the the stair master.

Disc Herniation pain can be
helped with spinal decompression therapy
Mr. B herniated a disc in his neck, MRI show 4-5 mm of bulge, with excruciating pain into his arm. He went to his MD who sent him to physical therapy where they are performing spinal decompression therapy on his neck. After several weeks of spinal decompression therapy the arm is still numb and now he is getting severe headaches. On questioning it turns out they are using the wrong amount of weight for the spinal decompression therapy to his neck. This man is a huge body builder type and it was not strong enough of a decompression program. He was not give any instruction for hydrating himself or vitamin supplementation to nourish the herniated disk in his neck. Last but not least the therapist in desperation to get results was now manipulating his neck! Not a chiropractic segment specific manipulation, but rather a swift twist to the left and the right, a real "Hail Mary" maybe this will work effort.

Mrs. X, my patient, was a case on it's own. She refused to modify or stop her vigorous Zumba and yoga workouts. Refused to take vitamins (made her get indigestion), refused to hydrate herself (have to go to the bathroom too often), and last, but not least refused to come in on a regular basis for spinal decompression therapy (2-3 times a week depending on the case), to ease her pain--which it did when she showed up. This is a patient with, per MRI, a 6-7 mm bulge in the low back with shooting pain in her leg.

So yes, spinal decompression therapy will be a failure if the person administering it does not know what to do. Yes, spinal decompression therapy is a failure if the patient doesn't follow the knowledgeable instructions and comply with life style changes that healing requires. Yes, spinal decompression therapy has to be done with some regularity and consistency to get results. Will spinal decompression therapy work for all spinal disc herniations? The answer is no, but in my clinical experience the odds are pretty good it will work with the right doctor administering the spinal decompression therapy and a patient who follows his instructions for healing.

 I have been successfully treating injured backs and disc problems in Thousand Oaks for over 30 years in my family Chiropractic practice. I feel that spinal decompression therapy is a highly advanced and effective protocol when administered by a trained professional such as myself. If you are in the Thousand Oaks area and are interested in finding out if spinal decompression therapy can help your severe disc problems please give me a call at 805-496-4532.