Dr. Tevel can help you with Slipped Disc Syndrome

Of all the conditions which involve the spine, the so called "slipped disc" is probably the most misunderstood.

In the typical disc syndrome it is the vertebrae rather than the disc which has actually slipped or become misaligned. When this happens a spinal nerve opening between two adjacent vertebrae can be stopped up, causing acute pain with numbness, tingling or even loss of function to those parts of the body serviced by the affected nerve.

Proper care with Dr. Tevel can usually correct a slipped disc condition through manipulative therapy alone. The seriousness of the complaint should not be minimized, however, and once a correction has been made, great care must be taken to prevent its recurrence. Regular spinal exercise prescribed by Dr. Tevel and occasional spinal checkups will generally eliminate the possibility of surgery altogether.

If you are in the Thousand Oaks CA area and back pains plague your life, make an appointment with Dr. Tevel (805-496-4532) for a complete and expert analysis of the extent of your spinal disorder. Only a skilled Chiropractor like Dr. Tevel  (30 years experience!) is equipped to determine the possibilities for Chiropractic to help your problem. If your problem is a slipped disc you will be availing yourself of the safest most effective means of treatment possible.