SPINAL DECOMPRESSION Therapy is a fantastic natural way to restore the pain-free function of the low back or neck even in severe cases of disc herniation, degeneration, or spinal stenosis. It is something that can be effective when you have lost hope or are considering major surgery. It is an advanced tool that provides special therapy beyond what I could do with my hands or other physiotherapy equipment. It gives the body a chance to heal.

SPINAL DECOMPRESSION Therapy uses a comfortable computerized table that gently stretches the spine in the injured area to the point that it relieves the constant pressure of your body on the damaged discs. This creates the space your discs desparately need, takes the pressure of the vertebrea off your screaming nerves, restores blood flow to the now uncompressed discs giving the discs a chance to go back into place. 

A SPINAL DECOMPRESSION treatment program designed by me specifically for you can be very beneficial and I urge you to consider it if you are suffering. 

SPINAL DECOMPRESSION Therapy can get excellent results and is a fraction of the cost and time involved for a surgical procedure.

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(As I am an individual practitioner, program space is limited. I urge you to call today for your customized program.)
by Dr. Tevel