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 In 30 years of practice there aren't too many problems he hasn't run across. He has the skill and training to diagnosis and successfully treat many difficult conditions. Most of his patients come by referral from their friends and family. Dr. Tevel is available to help you. If you are in the Thousand Oaks area please feel free to e-mail him with your questions or call 805-496-4532 to set up a no-charge consultation.Dr. Tevel is a long established, experienced, and highly trained Doctor of Chiropractic (Chiropractor) with a family practice in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Don't Wreck Your Neck--It's the only one you have...

Take care of your neck! Years of studying, reading, typing, viewing a TV or computer screen looking downward all have an effect. A feeling of the neck being locked up or inability to move your head freely is a sign your neck is not functioning properly.With the head in a forward carriage the balance and posture are changed. This can cause a host of problems: headaches, arthritis, disc degeneration or herniation, joint deterioration, pinched nerves, tingling in the arms and hands and PAIN. Dr. Tevel can gently restore proper neck functioning and alignment and teach you how to maintain it. Don't let it get worse. Call today: 805-496-4532